Each zine, like each of the poems being illustrated, has a unique character. The fragmented, almost unreadable text in "Now Air is Air" mirrors the disjointed style of E. E. Cummings' writing. "The Laughing Heart" is a simple and optimistic poem, illustrated with minimal line drawings in light colors. The bold words of "Risk" are emphasized by daring and saturated colors in a style evocative of stained glass windows, echoing the text's religious undertones. "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" and "Three Haikus" are modern poems illustrated primarily by geometric shapes, but Whitman's poem is more complex while Kerouac's is more terse and emblematic, evident in the illustrations. "Figures Spoken" and "Thanks" both utilize photography, but in opposite ways; the first interprets figurative language very literally, while the second is largely symbolic, with the text placed like censor bars over the images.